About Tri'in: Crafting Style, Shaping

Tri'in [ pronounced as try-in ] - Redefining Luxury Streetwear in India
Tri'in is not just a fashion label; it's a movement, a passion project that was born in 2023.
Co-founded by Viraj Parmar and Vaidehi Goda, two friends who shared a dream: to
revolutionize the world of streetwear fashion in India.
The Heart of Our Name:
Tri'in, a portmanteau of "Try-in," symbolizes our commitment to exploring new frontiers in
streetwear fashion. It embodies the spirit of two visionaries coming together to create
something fresh and innovative for society.
Elevating Lifestyles:
Tri'in is more than just clothing; it's an embodiment of luxury redefined. We are dedicated to
elevating lifestyles by infusing a touch of opulence into every aspect of your wardrobe. From
trendsetting colours to runway-inspired silhouettes, we leave no stone unturned in crafting
pieces that exude elegance and comfort.
Crafted with Precision:
At Tri'in, we obsess over craftsmanship, technique, and quality. Our collection spans a
spectrum of fashion essentials, including jackets, shackets, shirts, cargos, unisex wear,
pants, blazers, dresses, and add-on accessories. Each piece is meticulously designed to
stand out and elevate your fashion game.
Innovation is Our Signature:
Tri'in is a continuous journey of progress and innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries
of what's possible in streetwear fashion. We strive to add ingeniousness to your closet,
creating pieces that are as unique as the individuals who wear them.
Your Vision, Our Mission:
We don't just stop at our collections; we're here to bring your fashion dreams to life. Tri'in
offers custom design services, turning your ideas into reality. Your style is our canvas, and
together, we can create fashion that's truly one-of-a-kind.
Welcome to Tri'in, where luxury meets streetwear, and where every garment tells a story of
creativity, passion, and a commitment to a brighter, more fashionable future